How to Solve Error 5B00 Canon IP2770

How to Solve Error 5B00 Canon IP2770
Error 5B00 Canon IP2770
Printer Canon IP 2770 is an economical printer whose performance is equally good with other brand printers. Not a few who use this printer for personal use to office just plain printed documents such as official letters, cover letters, financial statements, and so forth.

But behind it all, these printers often makes us confused when Printer Canon IP 2770 can not be used. When printing with the code 5B00 error appears on the monitor screen and orange light - green light up alternately (call it: blinking).

to overcome these problems, the printer must be reset using software resetter. Resetternya can be downloaded here. if you are need for driver you can open link Canon IP2770 drivers download

Here are the steps to reset (Flash Bios) Printer Canon IP2770

  1. The printer is turned off and electricity installed
  2. Press the RESUME button and hold a few seconds, and then press the power button
  3. While pressing the POWER button, press the RESUME button five times. Led will light turns green to orange last flame orange. (Not to be mistaken because the printer will die 4x total).
  4. Release both buttons simultaneously.
  5. Led will blink briefly and will flame GREEN.
  6. And the computer will detect the new hardware, just ignore ...
  7. Exctract Resetter Canon IP2770 file
  8. Prepare 2 paper in the printer (to print at the time of the reset process)
  9. Run the program Resetter Canon IP2770
  10. Click "PLAY", then the printer will proceed, then Canon IP 2770 will print one page with the words "D = 000.0"
  11. Click "Clear EEPROM".
  12. Then click "EEPROM", and the printer will print the results Resetter Canon IP 2770. One row is as follows: "TPage (TTL = 00000)"
  13. Turn off the printer by pressing the POWER button.
  14. Done 

If the Software Resetter above does not walk (work) on the latest Windows such as Windows 7 and 8 then use the latest Resetter Software. Here's the link : Canon PIXMA IP2770 Resetter

That's my short tutorial about How to Solve Error 5B00 Canon IP2770 may be useful

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