Asus G751JL Drivers Download

Asus G751JL Drivers Download

Asus G751JL Drivers Download for windows 10 64 bit and windows 8.1 64 bit
Asus G751JL Drivers
Asus G751JL Drivers Download - The newest Asus G751JL is a curious gaming portable. On the outside it's all bluster, with a body styled on the F-22 Raptor mma fighter jet and a 18. 3in screen that looms over rivals. On the inside it's more considered, however, with a mid-range graphics chipset, a single SSD and an affordable screen resolution. The G751JL is one of the most striking gaming laptop framework we've seen recently, sports an angular design and a rear end that features a thick ventilation bumper grille. The design is a tweak of previous Republic of Gamers models, using refinements noticeable in every area. The Republic of Gamers logo is now illuminated, soaking in the center of a band of aluminium, and another red logo sits on the wrist-rest too. The keyboard has also replaced the white backlight of old for a far more dramatic red glowing from beneath the tips. The brushed-metal accents stay among parts of smart-looking matte plastic, and the red-and-black theme continues throughout. It's undoubtedly a gaming laptop, and its looks drop somewhere between the less costly, plasticky MSI GE60 2QE Apache and the loud, lit-up Alienware 15.

Asus ROG G751JL is a possible answer: it includes a decent GTX965M graphics engine, and on top of that, a brilliant Core i7-4270HQ processor and 16GB RAM. It looks like we now have something here, but let's not make any hasty judgments just yet. If we're speaking about non-gaming activities, there's no limit of what this ASUS can do. Typically the 4th generation Intel Primary i7-4270HQ quad-core processor happens to provide a high 2. 6GHz clock speed and even a higher 3. 6GHz turbo, and achieving well over 8000 points in CPU Mark tells a lot about its performance. Your typical processors, such as i5-5200U, get around 3500 points in the same test and even those are viewed as power consumer friendly choices. So picture what this Core-i7 with over double score can do. ASUS G751JL contains 16GB memory. From what I can see it's already maxed out but you shouldn't ever need more, using full sixteen gigabytes is unlikely to take place. The storage drive doesn't get any extra points; it's only a 1TB 5400RPM hard drive. Luckily, there appears to be an extra slot machine for a drive. Merely make sure you're getting a 9. 5mm 2 . not 5? SATA unit and you could install that to the other slot.

Access to the laptop's interior is through the removable of an L-shaped plastic panel. Under it you'll find two memory slots - with one free in this configuration - and two 2. 5in hard drive chariot. Other machines provide access to more components, but there's little else most users will want to upgrade, so this isn't a large concern. Build quality is impeccable, but because of this the G751JL is significant. Its 17. 3in display screen sits in a impact of 416 x 318mm - some 30mm further than the 17in MSI equivalent - and the rear of the machine is a whopping 43mm thick. Four 3. zero USB ports are offered so you can concurrently hook up a gaming computer mouse, printer and more. Video outputs include VGA, Thunderbolt and HDMI so a myriad of external displays can be hooked up. Optical drive is likewise available, it can burn to CDs and Dvd videos however BluRays are not supported. For networking you can use the built-in 802. 11A/C WiFi card. It works with Bluetooth 4. 0 too. Gleam Gigabit RJ-45 jack, you can hook up a community cable to that. provide downloa link for Asus ROG G751JL Drivers. you can download directly from link below. drivers not supported for Windows 7 32 bit and 64 bit.

Asus G751JL Drivers for windows 8.1 64 bit and windows 10 64 bit

Windows BIOS Flash Utility V3.0.1 Download

Chipset Asus G751JL
Intel INF Update Driver V9.4.0.1027 Download

ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities V1.0.0038 Download
ATKACPI driver and hotkey-related utilities V1.0.0037 Download

Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.7443 Download
Realtek Audio Driver V6.0.1.7427 Download

VGA drivers for Asus G751JL
nVidia Graphics Driver V9.18.13.4752 Download
nVidia Graphics Driver V9.18.13.4505 Download

Realtek LAN Driver V8.031.0423.2014 Download

Card Reader
Genesys Multi-Card Reader Driver v4.3.1.1 Download

Pointing Device (Asus G751JL Touchpad)
Elantech Touchpad driver V11.5.15.5 Download

Utilities for Asus ROG G751JL
ASUS Gaming Center(Launch ASUS apps and easily access settings) V1.0.6 Download
ASUS Splendid Video Enhancement Technology V3.05.0001 Download
ROG Game First III V1.00.21 Download
ASUS Live Update Utility V3.3.2 Download
A entertainment gaming platform to play, connect, create and more V2.10.91.91 Download
ASUS Gaming Center(Launch ASUS apps and easily access settings) V1.0.5 Download
ASUS USB Charger Plus V4.0.2 Download
ASUS ROG MacroKey (It is a macro, key re-mapper, and automation utility designed to work specifically with gaming notebook) V1.0.0.28 Download
Keyboard Device Filter Utility V1.0.0.5 Download

Asus G751JL Wireless drivers
Qualcomm Atheros Wireless Lan Driver and Application V10.0.0.308 Download
Intel WiFi Wireless LAN Driver V17.13.2.2 Download
ASUS Wireless Radio Control (A driver to make you switch Airplane mode(Wireless) On/Off) V1.0.0.3 Download

Intel BlueTooth driver V17.1.1440.02 Download
Qualcomm Atheros BlueTooth driver V8.0.1.336 Download

Gaming Mouse Driver V2.00.030 Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver V13.2.5.1012 Download
Intel® Collaborative Processor Performance Control Driver V1.0.0.1018 Download
ThunderBolt V2.0.4.250 Download
Intel Management Engine Interface V9.6.0.1038 Download

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