How to fix Canon error 5200

How to Solve Canon error 5200

How to fix Canon error 5200 - Venturing into this post we will discuss about the problem on Canon Pixma printers are Blinking or error 5200.

Initially when the printer starts up it will seem as normal as usual, but when ordered to print a file or document then will issue an error message 5200 as shown below.

How to fix Canon pixma error 5200
error 5200

Actually, the easiest way to fix Canon error 5200 is by changing the color Catridge.

If  error 5200 come like this what our minds?

  • Make improvements to the way the media looking for error 5200 tutorials on the Internet via Google or Bing, etc.
  • Calling a friend or acquaintance of the team to help deal with the error 5200.
  • Bring to Service center Nearby (service printer).
  • Let it until one day either alone (yes! That miracle come).

How to fix error 5200 on Canon printer

This Error 5200 tutorial applies to this model :

iP1700, iP1600, iP1500, iP1300, iP1200, iP1000, iP1980, iP1800, iP2200, iP2000, iP2600, iP2500, iP3000, iP2700, iP3100, iP3300, iP3500, iP3600, iP4000, iP4000R, iP4200, iP4300, iP4500, iP4600, iP4700, iP4800 (iP4830), iP4850, iP4900 (iP4930), iP5000, iP5200, iP5200R, iP5300, iP6000D, iP8600, iP9910, iP90, iP90v, iP100, iX4000, iX5000, iX6500 (iX6530), iX7000, MP110, MP130, MP140, MP560, MP600, iP6100D, iP6210D, iP6220D, iP6310D, iP6320D, iP6600D, iP6700D, iP7100, iP7200 (iP7230), iP7500, iP8100, iP8500, MP600R, MP610, MP620, MP630, MP640, MP700, MP710, MP730, MP740, MP750, MP150, MP160, MP170, MP180, MP190, MP210, MP220, MP237, MP240, MP250, MP258, MP260, MP270, MP280, MP287, MP360, MP370, MP375R, MP390, MP450, MP460, MP470, MP480, MP490, MP493, MP495, MP500, MP510, MP520, MP530, MP540, MP550, MP760, MP780, MP790, MP800, MP800R, MP810, MP830, MP950, MP960, MP970, MP980, MP990, MG2100, MG2200, MG2470, MG3100, MG3200, MG4100, MG4200, MG5100, MG5200, MX350, MX360, MX370, MX410, MX420, MX430, MX510, MX700, MX710, MX7600, MX850, MX860, MX870, MX880, MX882, MX890, MX892, MX922, MG5300, MG5400, MG5500, MG6100, MG6200, MG6300, MG8100, MG8200, MX300, MX310, MX320, MX330, MX340, E480, E500, E600.

Here we will discuss about how to deal with the 5200 error, even though the tutorial case like this has a lot on other websites or media blogger. We just need to type the keyword in accordance with what we are going to ask, then with a blink of an eye will appear hundreds or even thousands of sites that will discuss about the case.

  1. The first step to fix error 5200. The printer is turned off and make sure the power cord attached.
  2. Press the Stop / Reset and hold, then press and hold the power button.
  3. In the state of the power button is still depressed, release the Stop / Reset, then press the Stop / Reset 2x in a state of the power button is depressed.
  4. Release both buttons simultaneously (the canon printer will do some processing time), then on the LCD panel will show the number 0 (zero).
  5. Then the computer will detect the printer as a new device (Ignore it, except if the computer has not installed the printer driver).
  6. Press the power button, the canon printer will die / Off.
  7. Turn on the printer again by pressing the power button, the printer will flame / On.
  8. Printer Ready.

If the above steps do not work to fix error 5200 as well then we will take the next step :

  1. Turn on the printer to print the document / file and when error 5200 appears unplug the power cord without pressing the power button.
  2. Open the printer cover and slide the cartridge head towards the center (press hook print head which is fitted behind the printer head so that the cartridge can be shifted to the middle.
  3. Unplug all cartridge and leave the cartridge cover open.
  4. Turn on the printer, the printer will move hit the left and to the right for tutp cartridge is still open, and the printer will stop to the center.
  5. Replace the cartridge and close the cover along with the printer cartridge.
  6. The printer is ready for use and error 5200 is gone.

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