Comfast CF-WU810N Driver Download

Driver Comfast CF-WU810N Download

Comfast CF-WU810N Driver for windows, mac os x and linux
Comfast CF-WU810N Driver
Comfast CF-WU810N Driver Download - The sleek Cellular Adapter is the tiniest & most convenient Wireless USB Network Adapter and gives you to enjoy smooth internet loading experience. With an incredible data transmission quickness of 150mbps, now you can stream your chosen tv set movies and shows without suffering any buffering delay.  COMFAST CF-WU810N is the Realtek RTL8188EUS 150Mbps most fashionable mini USB wireless network adapter, smallest invisible super mini outside design, exquisite and small, it will not take much room to make use of which is very convenient to take with you.

The COMFAST CF-WU810N USB Wi-Fi adapter did the trick out-of-the-box on my Ubuntu Linux computer. No settings or tweaking required. It provided instant 802.11n connection, that was great. Comfast CF-WU810N experienced far better range than expected also, given it does not have any external antenna. I used to be stunned at how secure the bond was just, when my computer is quite definately not the gain access to point and I've acquired substantial trouble with unpredictable Wi-Fi, with expanded range antenna even.

COMFAST CF-WU810N works together with Ubuntu 14.04/16.04 (out-of-the-box) and RasPi B+ NOOBS v2 (got to include Kernel component). connects to 802.11n and WPA2 network without trouble. con: interconnection is often slower than process supports. we provide download link for Comfast CF-WU810N Driver. you can download for windows, mac os x, and linux (include raspberry pi, NOOBS and ubuntu)

Comfast CF-WU810N 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n 150Mbps USB 2.0 Wireless Wi-Fi Network Adapter

  • Comfast CF-WU810N driver : English Software and Driver. Phone and Email support available for installation
  • Speed : 150Mpbs
  • Features : Wifi Adapter, Soft AP, AP + Client, Wifi Hotpost works with cable (lan connection) internet and not with 3G Modem.
  • Comfast CF-WU810N Support : Windows 2000/XP/Vista/WIN 7/ WIN 8 / WIN 8.1 / Win 10 / Mac OS / Linux
  • All instructions for Mac / Linux given in CD. Phone supoort not available for Linux / Mac

Download Comfast CF-WU810N Driver

Software Name : CF-WU810N Driver
Comfast CF-WU810N Driver Update Time 2014-12-31 for Windows (Driver Only Auto Installation Program (Support Win8.1)(Install Shield v1.00.0238) ) Download
Comfast CF-WU810N Driver Update Time 2014-12-31 for Mac OS X (MAC OSX 10.4 Install Package ) Download
Comfast CF-WU810N Driver Update Time 2014-12-31 for Linux (Linux Kernel 2.6.18~3.9、Android 1.6~2.3 and 4.0~4.2) Download

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