Wifisky 980WG Driver Download

Driver WIFISKY 980WG 5800mW 60dbi

Wifisky 980WG Driver for windows, mac os x, linux
Wifisky 980WG Driver
Wifisky 980WG Driver Download - Luckily believe this Wifisky 980WG, I trust the majority of you comprehend more about this than I, thanks again.if the council is open, another lame tamb more open with more power, however come on even with 2 I will better the city center, and if I take a lot more wep/ wpa challenges if there however hey I guess one of those the cogere with a fairly appropriate power, probe with my antenna 5dbi and significantly enhanced the signal, however is omnidirectional, with a more powerful directional'll have much better results so I want to put it. With the 2nd antenna Wifisky 980WG 60dbi, as lame enough networks however they come and go. There are a number of nonkey that rascal with 2 or three bars of coverage however reoccur and remain stable even pages are really slow or often even go. There is one that catches even stop (to the antenna) but sometimes there are not pages. Among the free is in a straight line to three kilometers and without any obstacles between so imagine with an excellent antenna can link truly well.

we provide download link for Wifisky 980WG driver, you can download for Windows, Mac OS X and linux.

WIFISKY 980WG 5800mW driver Specs

  • Maximum output power: 5800 mw.
  • Effective range: up to 25km outdoors and 1600m indoor.
  • Compatible with the main audit system for the recovery of passwords: backtrack, beini. Wifiway, wifislax
  • Wifisky 980WG Antenna: 60dbi directional panel
  • Integrated controller: rt8187l.
  • Transfer speed: up to 54mbps.
  • Frequency: 2.4ghz ieee 802.11 b / g
  • Wifisky 980WG Interface: usb 2.0.
  • Modulation: bpsk, qpsk, cck and ofdm.
  • Standard wifi: ieee 802.11 b / g
  • Completely plug and play system.
  • Wifisky 980WG Compatible with operating systems: windows xp / vista / windows 7 / linux / mac / wince 5.0
  • Supports s / wap
  • Compatible with encryption: wep (64/128/256 bits) - wpa - wpaii - tkip.
  • Operating temperature: -20ºc - + 70ºc

Download Wifisky 980WG Driver

WIFISKY 980WG Chipset Driver for LINUX Kernel Download
WIFISKY 980WG Chipset Driver for Mac Download
WIFISKY 980WG Chipset Driver for Windows Download

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