Comfast CF-WU881NL Driver Download

Driver Comfast CF-WU881NL Windows, Linux, Mac OS X

Comfast CF-WU881NL Driver for windows, mac os x, linux
Comfast CF-WU881NL Driver
Comfast CF-WU881NL Driver Download - MIMO technology on Comfast CF-WU881NL makes cellular transmitting rates up to 150Mbps. Adopt CCA vacant channel recognition technology, and GREEN WLAN technology to improve wireless performance, regulating energy saving and environmental security automatically. with Builtin smart antennas, can strengthen its wireless reception capabilities, and improve the stability of the wireless signal and signal coverage.

Comfast CF-WU881NL Support WEP the WPA/WPA2 network security key, cordless network better and Helps analog AP function, create a cordless LAN easily. on Comfast CF-WU881NL you will get wireless roaming technology for high-efficient wireless connections and Support PSP XLink game platforms (OR WINDOWS 7 system) and revel in the pleasurable and stimulus.

Comfast CF-WU881NL is Smart wi fi modem so that you can use the Wireless outside your home, the strong sign looking function of usb wi-fi antenna gives you to capture even the slightest transmission and bolster it. Comfast CF-WU881NL now provide recently designed antenna wireless who are small in proportions, cute in the form, and you can even choose create wifi hotspot of your chosen cartoon character. The wholesale wifi system are cheap, you can purchase some wifi hotspot devices for you as well as your friends, and revel in the WIFI everywhere. we provide download Comfast CF-WU881NL driver, you can download driver CF-WU881NL for windows, mac os x and linux.

COMFAST CF WU881NL Mini 150Mbps USB WiFi Wireless adapter

  • Transmission Rate : 150Mbps,150Mbps (support roaming) 
  • Interface Type : USB 2.0 
  • Certification : CE,FCC,ISO:9001 
  • Brand Name : COMFAST 
  • Model Number : CF-WU881NL 
  • Standard : IEEE802.11b/g/n Frequency Band: 2.4-2.4835 GHz 
  • Comfast CF-WU881NL Chipest : RALINK3070L 
  • Support Computer Systems : Windows/LINUX/Mac
  • Support Privacy : 64/128/152 bit WEB,WPA/WPA-PSK,WPA2/WPA2-PSK 
  • Special Design : WIFI KING strong signals high power usb wifi adapter Individual 
  • Product Size : 18x12.5x7 (cm)

Download Comfast CF-WU881NL Driver

Software Name : CF-WU881NL Driver
Comfast CF-WU881NL Driver for Windows Download
Comfast CF-WU881NL Driver for Linux Download
Comfast CF-WU881NL Driver for Mac OS X Download

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