Alienware X51 R2 Drivers Download

Download Alienware X51 R2 Drivers

Alienware X51 R2 Drivers Download - Instead of opting for a standard tower, the manufacturer has chosen a much smaller format since the Alienware X51 R2 is the size of an Xbox 360 like the previous models and maintains a backward compatibility with the system external graphics card chip called Graphic Amplifier . Very good news for those who have invested in this accessory. Moreover, it will be possible to boost the Alienware X51 R2 with its Nvidia GTX 960 in its most powerful version, so that it can enjoy the 4K.

Alienware X51 R2 Drivers for Windows 10 64bit
As for the new features, the Intel Skylake i5-6600k or i7 6700K overclocked at 4.4 GHz will not be cooled by an air system on Alienware X51 R2, but thanks to a watercooling which lets us foresee the possibility of overclocking a little more These CPUs. The Alienware X51 R2 processor will be accompanied by 8 or 16 gigabytes of DDR4 RAM. As for connectivity, it also evolves with the addition of a USB 3.1 Type-C port supporting Thunderbolt 3 technology. You can also add SSDs compatible with PCI Express M.2, which Is not negligible either.

Alienware X51 R2 Windows 10 Drivers
The Alienware X51 R2 is already available with 16 Gigabytes of RAM, an Intel i7 6700K at 4.4 GHz, a Nvidia GTX 960 graphics card with its 2 gigabytes of memory in GDDR5 and a 256 gigabyte M.2 SSD coupled with a conventional 2-terabyte hard drive. we provide download link for Alienware X51 R2 Drivers, the drivers is only compatible for Windows 10 64bit. if any link broken, you can download from Alienware X51 R2 Drivers alternative page.

Alienware X51 R2 Drivers for windows 10 64bit
Alienware X51 R2 Drivers

Alienware X51 R2 Drivers Windows 10 64bit

Alienware X51 R2 Application
Dell Update Application Download
Dell Foundation Services - Application Download
Dell Digital Delivery Application Download
Alienware Command Center 4.0 for Desktops Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Download

Alienware X51 R2 Audio driver
Realtek Audio Driver Download

Dell Alienware X51 Backup and Recovery
Dell Backup and Recovery (DBAR) Application Download

Alienware X51 R2 BIOS
Alienware X51 R2 System BIOS Download

Alienware X51 R2 Chipset
Intel Chipset Driver Download
Intel Management Engine Controller Driver Download
Intel Integrated USB 3.0 Driver Download

Alienware X51 R2 Network (wifi and Bluetooth)
Dell Wireless 1550 WiFi + Bluetooth Driver Download
Dell Wireless1506 WLAN 802.11 b/g/n Driver Download
Realtek Integrated Ethernet Controller RTL8111G Driver Download

Alienware X51 R2 Serial ATA
Samsung PM851 Solid State Drive Firmware Update Download
Intel Rapid Storage Techology Driver Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology Driver Download
LiteOn IT LCS-256M6S Solid State Drive Firmware Update Download
LiteOnIT LMS-32L6M Solid State Drive Firmware Update Download

Alienware X51 R2 Storage
Intel USB driver for Andromeda R2 (Shark Bay). Download
Intel Rapid Storage Technology driver Download
ODD driver for W7/W8. Download
F6 driver for H87 platform. Download

Alienware X51 R2 VGA Drivers
Intel HD Graphics Driver Download
Nvidia Geforce GTX745, GTX750Ti Graphic Driver Download
AMD Radeon 6xxx/7xxx/8xxx/R9 xxx Desktop Graphics Driver Download
nVIDIA GeForce 5xx/6xx/7xx Series Graphics Driver Download
nVIDIA Geforce GT 640/G405/GTX 660M/GTX650Ti/GTX645/GT620 Graphics Driver Download

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